The need for AllSides has become even clearer amid the COVID-19 crisis. Misleading reports, biased media coverage, and conflicting opinions are contributing to confusion during a time when clarity is needed. This is a time to support each other and our communities, yet the old partisan and social battle lines still emerge to pit us against one another.

AllSides provides important remedies to these problems, and we want to invite you to become a sustaining member to help fund our important work.

100% of new sustaining membership and one-time donation funds we receive online in May will be devoted to our COVID-19 response programs.

Here is what AllSides is doing in response to the global pandemic:

  • We’re providing balanced news and fact checks on COVID-19 from the left, right, and center, around the clock so you can decide the truth for yourself.
  • Our schools program is providing free lesson plans, conversation guides, and other resources to assist parents and teachers who are educating students from home.
  • We’ve joined a coalition of organizations dedicated to #WeavingCommunity during crisis. We’re providing technology, outreach and leadership as we invite Americans to weave a stronger community and to emerge healthy and united.
  • AllSides Connect provides powerful small group experiences over video conferencing to strengthen our understanding and connection with each other. This is available free to you today, and will soon be provided to hundreds of organizations nationwide — because we’re all #InThisTogether.

AllSides is dedicated to helping during these times of need, but bringing Americans balanced news and opportunities for connection takes time and money. Relying solely on one source of funding, like ad revenue or one big donor, would be antithetical to our mission. We seek a variety of funding sources to keep us balanced.

If you believe our work is valuable, become a sustaining member of AllSides. Help us to continue our mission of freeing people from filter bubbles during the current crisis and beyond. Sustaining memberships allow you to read AllSides ad-free. You pick your contribution level, from $2.99/month and up. The more you provide, the more you enhance our mission of contributing to social good.

AllSides has always believed the solution to a polarized society is making different perspectives transparent and providing opportunities for connection — even when we disagree. We’re committed to providing tools that help Americans to break out of their filter bubbles and form better social bonds with others.

All funds raised from new sustaining memberships and individual donations to AllSides in May will be purposely dedicated to our COVID-19 response. If you think a balanced and healed society is worth fighting for, become a sustaining member or make a one-time donation today. We’d love to have your support.

John Gable is the CEO and Co-Founder of AllSides.