On Sunday, Donald Trump said that as president he would reverse a law that grants citizenship to people born in the U.S. and apply significant restrictions to legal immigration.He rolled out several details of his immigration plan, which has been called everything from "exactly what American needs" to "draconian"
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Snippets from the Left
"Some of his proposals are based on assertions that have been broadly debunked. He portrayed undocumented Mexican immigrants as uneducated criminals who have been living off “hundreds of billions” of American taxpayer dollars for their health care and education. But scholarly research has shown that undocumented immigrants are much more reluctant to use public health care than Americans. And billions of dollars of Social Security taxes they have paid for benefits they cannot collect have shored up the dwindling funds of that system.
Mr. Trump accused Mexico of exporting its crime and poverty to the United States. But while a bloody drug war has raged in Mexico in the last five years, notably little violence has spilled over into the United States, with several border cities being among the safest in the nation. "
Snippets from the Right
"Trump understands a fundamental truth: The United States of America has been invaded by millions of illegals from Mexico and parts due south.
The illegals are pillaging and plundering our economy. Some are raping and murdering our fellow countrymen. They have been given accommodation at the expense of the American taxpayer.
And yet our elected leaders in Congress and the White House have chosen to stand down as the sovereignty of our great nation has been violated.
So while the politicians and pundits have scampered away from the issue – Trump stepped up to the plate and offered a concise plan that would secure our border and restore our sovereignty."
Snippets from the Center
"The full plan is outlined on his website, but here are the key nuggets:
- Build a wall across the southern border paid for by Mexico
Seize all remittance payments "derived from illegal wages" until Mexico agrees to pay for the wall
- Implement a nationwide e-verify system and defund sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with the federal law
- End birthright citizenship (currently enshrined in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution)
- Crack down on H-1B visas, which are designated for high-skilled STEM employees, by requiring companies to hire from the pool of unemployed domestic workers first
- Create criminal penalties for people who overstay a visa"