A recent Blind Bias Survey found that on average, people across the political spectrum rated Reuters as Lean Left.

AllSides currently rates Reuters as Center. The results triggered an Editorial Review, in which AllSides opted to keep Reuters’ rating as Center. This is because Blind Bias Surveys only show participants a small snapshot of an outlet's content in time; an Editorial Review allows us to look at more elements, as well as content over time.

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A total of 2,285 people from the left, center, and right took our November 2020 Blind Bias Survey, in which they blindly rated Reuters’ content.

The average rating for Reuters from people on the Left was between Lean Left and Center; the average rating from all other groups — people who are Lean Left, Center, Lean Right or Right — was a firm Lean Left.

A plurality of respondents who self-identified as Lean Left, Center, Lean Right, and Right rated Reuters Lean Left; the most common response from those with a Left bias was Center.