Many Americans see themselves as divided on immigration. Disagreements persist about family separation at the southern border, potential criminals entering the country illegally — and even how to describe people who enter the country without authorization.

But despite these perceived divisions, some recent surveys have found that many Republicans and Democrats share significant overlaps on immigration attitudes and policy issues.

Check out these surveys conducted since February 2024:

From Pew Research Center (survey published February 2024)

  • 90% of Republicans and 66% of Democrats think the situation at the border is a “crisis” or “major problem.”
  • 73% of Democrats and 89% of Republicans say the government is doing a bad job handling the influx of immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

From YouGov (survey published in May 2023)

  • 62% of Democrats and Republicans believe the U.S. should "allow some immigration, based on strict criteria."

  • 82% of Democrats and 78% of Republicans believe that "the border should be a place where only people who meet an approved U.S. criteria can cross."

From PRRI annual “American Values Survey” (survey published in October 2020)

  • 76% of Americans opposed the family separation policy, including 91% of Democrats and 53% of Republicans

From Common Ground of The American People (survey published in August 2020)

  • 93% of Americans backed increasing personnel to process asylum seekers’ claims faster, including 96% of Democrats and 90% of Republicans
  • 80% of Americans agreed on providing the undocumented immigrants eligible for DACA status with full legal status and a path to citizenship, including 92% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans
  • 80% of Americans supported increasing the number of visas for skilled workers to move to the US, including 86% of Democrats and 72% of Republicans
  • 77% of Americans agreed with increasing the number of visas for low skilled workers to move to the US for industries that need them, like agriculture and services, including 87% of Democrats and 66% of Republicans

From Pew Research center (survey conducted September 8, 2022)

  • 91% of Republicans and 59% of Democrats say the U.S. should increase security along the southern border
  • 58% of Republicans and 85% of Democrats believe we should proiritize taking in refugees trying to escape war

From CBS News Poll (survey conducted May, 29-June, 2, 2020)

  • 85% of Americans favored allowing immigrants brought to U.S. illegally as children to stay, including 95% of Democrats and 73% of Republicans

From Public Agenda, Where Americans stand on immigration (survey conducted May 15-24, 2020)

  • 85% of Americans agreed on ensuring that people and families who cross the border illegally are treated humanely
  • 83% of Americans supported enforcing rules that make sure people and families who crossed the border illegally are processed quickly and fairly
  • 77% of Americans agreed on creating path to citizenship for people whose parents brought them to U.S. illegally as young children

From Pew Research Center (survey conducted April 29- May 5, 2020)*

  • 77% of Americans said undocumented immigrants mostly fill jobs U.S. citizens do not want, including 87% of Democrats and 66% of Republicans

Hyria Stuart is a college student currently studying in Beijing. He majors in social work and serves as a political research assistant (American/international politics) at Boston College. Hyria has published in “Raise the Voices.” His political bias is Lean Left.

This piece was edited by Managing Editor Henry A. Brechter (Center bias), and was reviewed by James Coan (Center) of Braver Angels.