Our latest blind bias survey (thank you everyone who participated - you can take our new bias survey here) measured the bias of several different news sources and changed our official AllSides Bias Rating for a few of them. 

Here are the new ratings: The Wall Street Journal (news page only, not editorial) is now rated Center. ABC News is now Lean Left, and USA Today is now rated Center. 

The Wall Street Journal is particularly interesting.

While the editorial page is commonly understood to have a Right bias, many people might assume that their news pages are also biased in the same way. That is true for many organizations, but apparently not the Wall Street Journal. In fact, an older UCLA study rated the Wall Street Journal news page as Lean Left.

Our research, which relies on people like you rating the news without knowing the source, places the WSJ news page squarely in the middle - the bar graph of responses is almost a perfectly centered bell curve.

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The ratings for four media outlets are on the borderline.

At this time, ABC News is on the borderline of being rated “Left" rather than just “Lean Left". CNN is on the borderline between “Center" and “Lean Left". Newsmax almost moved to “Lean Right", but kept its current rating as “Right". USA Today barely rated “Center" - it was close to “Lean Left". More data may lead to changes in these ratings. 

Yes, ratings change.

We continue to measure the crowd perceptions of the bias of news sources and improve our ratings. We make sure that those who take our bias rating survey represent the broad spectrum of bias, from Left to Right, since an individual's bias greatly impacts the way he or she rates a news source.

Help us rate the bias of more news sites by first rating your own bias and then taking our news media bias survey. Your ratings are core to everything we do here at AllSides.