We’re committed to being a resource for balanced, unbiased news. By showing news from all sides of the political spectrum, you can easily spot media bias, free yourself from filter bubbles and decide the truth for yourself. We just made getting the news from every angle even better.

Each day, we feature headline roundups front and center on our homepage. We pick the top news stories of the day and help you see them from all sides:

Our Headline Roundups display three headlines. Now, when you click on a headline roundup from the homepage, a new page opens that includes a few paragraphs from each article, so you can compare even more information side by side — not just headlines.

You can still click to access the full article for any given headline, but now, it’s easier to get more information directly on AllSides.com.

Comparing stories from multiple media outlets provides necessary context that is often missing when you only read a single article or source — no matter how good that article or source may be.

You may notice that we rotate the order of the Left, Right and Center stories for our headline roundups to avoid biasing our coverage in favor of the Left, which otherwise would always be listed first. We also display the image from the physically leftmost story. Otherwise, we would create bias by always showing an image from the article with a Left bias. As we're sure you know since you use AllSides, images can have bias, just as headlines and storytelling do. If a journalist wanted to emphasize the negative aspects of a politician, they might choose an image that makes them look upset or angry. We mediate bias by rotating the order of the articles and images in our headline roundups.

When we consume only one-sided news and information, we become less able to tolerate different opinions and ideas. This fuels polarization and anger at “the other side.” By freeing ourselves from filter bubbles, we are better able to understand the world — and each other. By reading the news on AllSides instead of just one media outlet, you’re expanding your perspective and improving our democracy.

It’s not just AllSides headline roundups that help you to gain a broader view — our media bias ratings, topics pages, Red Blue Dictionary, and civil discourse platforms all provide plenty of opportunity to free yourself from filter bubbles.

We're working hard to improve our democracy by improving the way we get information and speak to one another — thanks for being a part of it! As always, if you have feedback, feel free to contact us.