Headline RoundupJune 13th, 2021

Perspectives: Florida Bans Critical Race Theory from Schools

Summary from the AllSides News Team

The Florida State Board of Education unanimously voted to ban lessons that include critical race theory (CRT) from public schools Thursday. The board approved an amendment that prohibits the teaching that America is inherently racist, or "the theory that racism is not merely the product of prejudice, but that racism is embedded in American society and its legal systems in order to uphold the supremacy of white persons." Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a video before the meeting that CRT distorts history, and urged board members, many who were appointed by DeSantis himself, to approve of the amendment that would teach student historical facts instead of “trying to indoctrinate them with ideology.” This comes after other states, such as Idaho, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Iowa, have put restrictions on CRT in classrooms. Critics of the theory say that students should not be taught that the U.S. is inherently racist, while advocates of CRT argue the U.S. was founded on stolen land and slave labor, and many of the country's institutions still uphold racism through laws and systems that favor white people over people of color. People on both of the argument also warn that narrowing acceptable classroom material could violate free speech. 

Many on the left criticized DeSantis, calling the ban's language "vague" and arguing that the ban is aimed at avoiding analysis of ongoing racism. Right-rated outlets tended to focus on DeSantis' speech and the details of the amendment, and frame CRT in a negative light.

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