Prager University media bias rating is Right.

Prager University is an American nonprofit organization that creates videos on various political, economic and philosophical topics from a conservative perspective. The university was created by conservative Dennis Prager, an American syndicated talk show host, to teach fundamental concepts. PragerU is not an academic institution, does not hold classes, and does not grant certifications or diplomas.

AllSides gives PragerU a Right media bias rating. Commentators that appear in its videos include prominent conservatives such as Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Michelle Malkin, and Larry Elder.

PragerU videos often decry socialism, big government policies, and modern progressive ideology. Some videos include: Government Can't Fix Healthcare, Why Don't Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?, How Socialism Ruined My Country, War on Boys, Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings, Why I Left the Left, and Playing the Black Card.

PragerU has been vocal in its claims that big tech companies, including Google, Facebook and YouTube, are censoring or demonetizing conservative content. In August 2018, PragerU claimed it was being "heavily censored" by Facebook. PragerU posted a screenshot of its Facebook analytics showing nine PragerU videos posted to its Facebook page — which has millions of followers — reached almost zero people, while two videos were deleted altogether. Facebook apologized, and AllSides found this story was only covered by media outlets on the right.

In October 2017, PragerU sued Google and YouTube for "unlawfully censoring its educational videos and discriminating against its right to freedom of speech." The lawsuit cited over 50 PragerU videos that were “restricted” or “demonetized” by Google and YouTube. A judge threw out the case.