Des Moines Register media bias rating is Center.

The Des Moines Register is a daily newspaper based in Des Moines, Iowa. Originally founded in 1848 as the Iowa Star, it's the largest newspaper in the state, with a circulation of 101,91. In 1985, the Register was purchased by the Gannett Company and in 2014 joined the publishing company's USA TODAY Network, which includes both national and local brands across the country. The paper's mission is "strongly local – we know [Iowans] care about what’s happening in your neighborhood, at your schools and at the statehouse."

Like its national counterpart, USA TODAY, the Des Moines Register has a center bias. Its news articles do not reliably favor opinions on either side of the political aisle, and its editorial board often exhibits both conservative and liberal bias.The paper endorsed Mitt Romney for president in 2012, Republican Senator Marco Rubio for the GOP nomination in 2016, and Hillary Clinton for president the same year. Before it was sold to Gannett in 1985, it had won more Pulitzer Prizes for national reporting than any other newspaper except The New York Times.


Authors who have written for Des Moines Register

@DMRegister, Kit Fitzgerald, Courtney Crowder, Stephen Gruber, Brianne Pfannenstiel, Katie Wedell, Lucille Sherman , and 13 more. See full list. Lucille Sherman, Sky Chadde, Ledyard King, Jim Sergent, Rachel Axon, Kyle Bagenstose, Kevin Crowe, Joseph Cress, Tom Schad, Usa Today Iowa Network, Olivia Sun, Brian Powers, Kelsey Kremer, Bryon Houlgrave See less.

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