Bari Weiss media bias rating is Center.

Bari Weiss has a Center media bias rating.

Weiss became known for covering controversial viewpoints. She wrote a piece exploring prominent figures in the "Intellectual Dark Web," and in a piece titled "We're All Fascists Now," she accused the political left of being intolerant of diverse views.

Weiss has described herself as a "left-leaning centrist" and has criticized the excesses of liberal culture, particularly what she sees as the stifling of free speech. According to Wikipedia, Weiss has supported Israel and Zionism in her columns and has been described as conservative by the publications Haaretz, The Times of Israel, The Daily Dot, and Business Insider. She criticized the #MeToo movement.

She garnered criticism for appearing on MSNBC and saying of the sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: “Let’s say he did this exactly as she said. Should the fact that a 17-year-old presumably very drunk kid did this — should this be disqualifying?”

Reporter Glenn Greenwald has accused Weiss of a double standard on free speech, mentioning "her involvement in numerous campaigns to vilify and ruin the careers of several Arab and Muslim professors due to their criticisms of Israel." Greenwald also noted Weiss' "full access to the most influential media platform in the world" as at odds with her "seeing [herself] as the victim of silencing and censorship."

In July 2020, Weiss publicly resigned from the New York Times, citing "constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views." She had been hired to bring in voices "that would not otherwise appear in your pages: first-time writers, centrists, conservatives and others who would not naturally think of The Times as their home."

About Bari Weiss

Weiss is an opinion writer and editor. From 2013 until 2017 she was an op-ed and book review editor at The Wall Street Journal, according to Wikipedia. From 2017 to 2020, she was an op-ed staff editor and writer about culture and politics at The New York Times.