From time to time, AllSides notices a political story is covered by the Center and one side (Left or Right) while being completely or mostly ignored by the other side. While we regularly post those stories, we sometimes will feature that story at the top of the home page and indicate which side is missing. While in general we think it is valuable to highlight differences in news coverage, we are even more likely to feature one of these stories if it is on a topic that the news media would normally cover or if it is particularly prominent among other news sources.

This can be controversial. For example, showcasing that a Benghazi story was ignored by the left or an environmental story was ignored by the right will draw criticism and charges of our own bias. We ask you to remember that at AllSides, we strive to showcase all sides of news coverage, not just the consensus on what is newsworthy or not. We believe our readers have the right to see these different perspectives and can decide for themselves what is relevant or not.

Please send us any coverage we might have missed as well as any feedback you might have. We are always improving with the help of the AllSides community.

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