Last week I heard Dan Schnur, California candidate (independent, non-partisan) for Secretary of State, say that to change California, we must first reform California politics. 

His comments made me realize more clearly than ever that AllSides is a reform movement. In order for us to improve the country and people's lives, we must first change the information flow (as we describe here). And at the core, that is what AllSides intends to do. Schnur (and the other candidates are saying the same thing) feels that California is dysfunctional, and he remembers a time when the government actually worked.
We are working to reform the media and Internet - by changing how information flows online - in order to empower regular people and our society overall to address and solve problems.
Right now, the information flow is overwhelming, noisy and biased, leaving us disengaged, ill-informed (ignorant or thinking we know everything) and polarized. It leads us to view people with different opinions (who are often working from very different facts and experiences) as idiots or evil.
It's as if the information flow was designed to keep us uninformed and to pit us against one another.
That has to change. We must push back against this evolving tide of lunacy and division. We must make it at least possible for people to be truly informed, to think clearly, and discuss our problems with civility.
You can help by sharing with someone today. Or, by telling us what we else you think we can do to further this movement.
Thanks for being a part of this,