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The New York Post is well-known for being conservative, but how right-ward leaning is it? AllSides currently rates the Post as Lean Right. We conducted additional media bias reviews — using our patented methods of Blind Bias Surveys of Americans and Editorial Reviews by experts — to ensure our rating remains trustworthy.

While the New York Post was rated Right in our latest Blind Bias Survey, it was rated Lean Right in a subsequent Editorial Review. 

The New York Post (Lean Right) has a Lean Right (2.93) AllSides Media Bias Rating.

In an April 2024 Blind Bias Survey, Americans across the political spectrum rated The New York Post. Those with a Left, Lean Left, or Center bias rated The New York Post Right, while those with a Right or Lean Right bias tended to rate The New York Post Lean Right, averaging out to a 3.55 (Right) rating. 

The Right rating differed from its AllSides Media Bias Rating of Lean Right, prompting an Editorial Review. The Editorial Review determined The New York Post should retain its Lean Right rating (note: The New York Post’s opinion is rated separately). 

The reviewers noted that the New York Post was more sensational than ideological; however, story choice was on the right. Reviewers on all sides agreed that the New York Post is "not trying to do journalism, just popular news, with a slant to the right."

The weighted average of all bias reviews from the last 2 years indicated a Lean Right (2.93) rating. Read more specifics about the Editorial Review here

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