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2021’s seemingly endless cycle of massive news events — a worldwide pandemic and the fallout of a chaotic U.S. presidential election being at the forefront — led to a lot of disagreements about facts vs fiction. 

Our upcoming blog series, 2021’s Major Facts and Myths, will break down the biggest and most complex examples of the year and help separate what’s real and proven from what’s false or unfounded.

The series will analyze some of the year’s most divisive, debated and convoluted stories, from the COVID-19 lab leak theory and claims of a stolen election to President Biden's mental health and ivermectin vs. horse dewormer.

The objective is to make sure you, our readers, understand these examples and are better equipped to interpret complicated, nuanced stories in the future while also noticing when media, politicians or other "experts" aren't giving the whole story.

By clearly separating truths from falsehoods and unfounded claims, we’ll round out your awareness of these issues, as well as the various biases and motivations at play across the spectrum. 

Send Us Examples!

Along with each installment of the series, we invite you to submit feedback and suggestions of other examples to highlight by emailing us:

Coming soon, we’ll offer a form on our website for AllSides members to fill out and submit examples of media lies, myths and misinformation. This will include fields for a link to the article or video, the claim made, and your explanation of why it may be false or misleading.

Until then, email us if you have suggestions or questions. And for the latest news and perspectives on these subjects, see our pages for Misinformation and Disinformation, Fact Checking and Media Bias.

Henry A. Brechter is the Managing Editor of AllSides. He has a Center bias.