The Sacramento Bee media bias rating is Lean Left.

The AllSides Bias Rating™ for The Sacramento Bee is lean left. This is our low or initial bias rating, so more research and community feedback still needs to be analyzed.

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The Sacramento Bee covers local news, politics, sports, entertainment, and domestic and foreign affairs. It is distributed across the Sacramento Valley, out to Reno, and throughout the Bay Area. The paper has one six Pulitzer Prizes among other prestigous awards. The Bee is the longest-running paper in Sacramento history.


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Authors who have written for The Sacramento Bee

Anne Flaherty, Christopher Cadelago, Aaron Davis, Darrell Smith, Phillip Reese, Taryn Luna, Daniel Barnes , and 58 more. See full list. Daniel Barnes, Benjy Egel, Ed Fletcher, Tony Bizjak, Kathleen Ronayne, Cassie Dickman, Emily Cadei, Will Kempton, Adam Ashton, Billy Kobin, Sam Stanton, Ryan Lillis, Erika D. Smith, Cathy Locke, Barbara Harvey, Alexei Koseff, Dan Walters, Cynthia Hubert, Bob Shallit, Ryan Sabalow, Dale Kasler, Diana Lambert, Michael Mcgough, Mark Glover, Angela Hart, Don Sweeney, Juan A. Lozano, John Garamendi, Molly Sullivan, Kayla Fitzgerald, Amanda Blackwood, Bryan Anderson, Mike Dunne, Anna Buchmann, Julia Sclafani, Adesuwa Agbonile, Jordan Cutler-Tietjen, Cathie Anderson, The Sacramento Bee, David Caraccio, Emily Rabasto, Kate Washington, Anita Chabria, Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks, Eric Tucker, Chad Day, Jonathan Lemire, Sophia Bollag, Vincent Moleski, Joseph Pisani, Claire Morgan, David A. Bustamante, Theresa Clift, Brad Branan, Sawsan Morrar, Don Thompson, Marcos Bretón, Foon Rhee, Debbie Arrington See less.

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