Peggy Noonan media bias rating is Right.

Peggy Noonan is an author of many books on politics and writes weekly for the Wall Street Journal. As a Republican, she was a Special Assistant and primary speech writer for Ronald Reagan. One of Noonan's speeches given by Reagan in response to the Challenger explosion is ranked as the eighth best political speech of the 20th century. Later, Noonan worked for Vice President George H.W. Bush. She thought of two powerful phrases that Bush used regularly: "a kinder, gentler nation" and "a thousand points of light." Noonan also wrote Bush's 1988 presidential nomination acceptance speech.

The AllSides Bias Rating™ for Peggy Noonan is far right. She identifies as a conservative, so her bias rating is far right.

More On Peggy Noonan

Peggy Noonan is the author of five New York Times best sellers. Before she worked for Reagan in the White House, she was a producer for CBS. She worked as a professor of journalism at New York University in 1978 and 1979. Later, Noonan worked as a political consultant for the television drama The West Wing. 


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