Orange County Register media bias rating is Lean Right.

AllSides gives Orange County Register a Lean Right rating.

In July 2015, an AllSides editor conducted of Orange County Register and gave it an initial rating of Lean Right. This description was updated by a different AllSides editor in July 2020. A Lean Right bias is a moderately conservative rating on the political spectrum. Sources with this rating may moderately show favor for conservative issues such as decreasing government involvement in economic issues, decreasing federal regulations in general, giving more power to state laws, freedom of speech, etc.

Orange County Register was owned by Freedom Communications from 1935 to 2016, before it was purchased by Digital First Media in 2016. Freedom Communications was known for its conservative-libertarian editorial voice.

Orange County Register is a paid local daily newspaper for Orange County. Coverage area includes Santa Ana, Anaheim, and surrounding cities. It is a member of Southern California News Group (formerly the Los Angeles Newspaper Group), a division of Digital First Media. The newspapers share coverage and printing presses, with a central copy editing and design desk, and staff writers file the same stories for all members of the group, including sharing sports beat writers, which has caused controversy. The newspapers also share editorials and speak as one voice on regional issues.

Authors who have written for Orange County Register

Nancy Luna, Andrea Manes, Chris Haire, Alma Fausto, Eva Kilgore, Peter Larsen, Jennifer Tanaka , and 62 more. See full list. Jennifer Tanaka, Terri Daxon, Fred Swegles, Alicia Robinson, Gail Wesson, Maryanne Dell, Louis Casiano, Kelli Skye Fadroski, Jim Drummond, Kelly Puente, Anne Valdespino, Scott Schwebke, Jonathan Lansner, Lauren Williams, Nathaniel Percy, Jim Radcliffe, Marla Jo Fisher, Jeff Collins, Michelle Mills, Jonathan Winslow, Theresa Walker, Heather Mcrea, Wendy Fawthrop, Marilyn Kalfus, Laylan Connelly, Brian Rokos, Robert Niles, Sean Emery, Paul Hodgins, Josh Cain, Brad A. Johnson, David Whiting, Jeff Gritchen, Jordan Graham, Samantha Gowen, Leo Smith, Michael Cisneros, Frances Baum Nicholson, Lilly Nguyen, Stephanie Schulte, Susan Christian Goulding, David Rosenfeld, Mark Rightmire, Sandra Barrera, Eric Licas, Richard K. De Atley, Erika I. Ritchie, Mike Sprague, Steve Fryer, Roxana Kopetman, Keegan Kyle, Brady Macdonald, Kevin Modesti, Hanh Truong, Vanessa Franko, Jodie Tillman, Choe Sang, Orange County, Kurt Snibbe, Content Share, Brooke Staggs, Dan Albano, Migration User See less.

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