The Observer (New York) media bias rating is Center.

The AllSides Bias Rating for The Observer is center, though occasionally leaning right. In the 2012 election, the Observer endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mittt Romney. Earlier in 1996, the paper endorsed Bob Dole because it was better to vote for "character over sleaze." The Observer is now owned by Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband and Republican nominee Donald Trump's son in law. Since Trump's nomination, the paper has not been as harsh on Trump as many other news outlets have been. Until more research can be conducted, The Observer's bias rating remains center.

More On The Observer

The Observer was founded in 1987 by Arthur L. Carter as a weekly newspaper. It focuses on the culture, politics, and entertainment in Manhattan   The paper is best known for publishing a column by Candace Bushnell on New York City social life that Sex in the City was based on.


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Authors who have written for The Observer (New York)

John R. Schindler, Helen Holmes, Brandon Katz, John Bonazzo, Will Bredderman, Sage Lazzaro, Oliver Jones , and 8 more. See full list. Oliver Jones, Gillian Reagan, Davis Richardson, Colin Campbell, Arick Wierson, Margaret Abrams, Chris Roberts, Sissi Cao, Michael Sainato See less.

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