Maureen Dowd media bias rating is Center.

Maureen Dowd is known to be a skeptic, earning her the AllSides Bias RatingTM of ‘center’. She is proud of this, however, saying, “I believe in skepticism because I believe that’s [journalism’s] role in democracy.” A. O. Scott of Slatesaid, “one measure of Dowd’s importance is that even people who profess to despise her seem to read her vigorously.”


A Washington D.C. native herself, Dowd received her B.A. in English from Catholic University in 1973. After graduation she worked her way up the ranks of the now extinct Washington Star. From there she had a brief role at Time magazine, but joined The New York Times in 1983 as a New York City reporter. Three years later, in 1986, Dowd was relocated to the Washington D.C. bureau to cover seven presidential elections, at one point serving as a White House correspondent and writing ‘On Washington’ for TheTimes Magazine. Dowd made it to the final rounds of the 1992 Pulitzer Prize contest for national reporting and filled Anna Quindlen’s position as a columnist at The New York Times in 1995 to then receive a Pulitzer four years later. Her writing can be found at GQ, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, The New Republic, Mademoiselle, Sports Illustrated and The New York Times every Sunday.



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