Judicial Watch media bias rating is Lean Right.

Judicial Watch has a bias rating of lean right because of their conservative goals. Even though the organization is conservative, they acknowledge that corruption is nonpartisan and does not occur in one specific ideology. Judicial Watch mainly uses litigation to fulfill its educational mission. The organiation's purpose is to serve as a government watchdog, as their motto is, "because nobody is above the law." The AllSides Bias Rating™ assigned an initial bias rating of lean right to Judicial Watch, but with community feedback and more research, the bias rating may change.

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Judicial Watch is a nonprofit educational foundation formed in 1994. Its main mission is to use the Freedom of Information Act, as well as other litigation, to combat corrupt government officials. The president of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, says that the organization "educates the public about abuses and misconduct by political and judicial officials, and advocates for the need for an ethical, law abiding and moral civic culture." Some of the educational programs that Judicial Watch uses are publications, editorial pieces, speeches, social media outreach, radio, and television.


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