Erraticus media bias rating is Center.

Erraticus magazine has a Center bias.

An independent review by an AllSides staffer found Erraticus magazine does not display a clear left or right ideological bias. Erraticus does not post breaking news pieces, but rather, commentary and thought on a variety of cultural and social topics. Sections include arts, education, philosophy, poetry, psychology, religion, science & tech, and society & culture.

About Erraticus

Erraticus states on its About page:

"We encounter numberless institutions throughout our lives—educational, familial, governmental, religious, artistic—many of which fail to sufficiently foster individual character, vital community, or an abounding appreciation for truth. These fixtures of society imprint worldviews upon us, nurture habits of mind, and encourage the development of various existential skills.

Unfortunately, too often, they espouse ideas which distract from human flourishing. Or, we settle for that which is merely interesting. When an essay strikes us as just a fascinating read or a film is simply entertaining, we have missed an opportunity; concepts stay in an abstract or idealistic realm rather than entering into our lived experiences as embodied truths.


At Erraticus, we believe that art, culture, technology, and ideas matter as much as they empower individuals and communities to flourish. And that requires taking a pragmatic approach to ideas."