Daily Press media bias rating is Lean Right.

The Daily Press is a morning newspaper located in Newport News, Virginia, that covers the Hampton Roads metro area of Virginia. It was established in 1896 and has been owned by the Tribune Company since July 1986. The Daily Press has a daily circulation of approximately 83,000 and a Sunday circulation of about 108,000.

Authors who have written for Daily Press

Daily Press, Briana Adhikusuma, Hugh Lessig, Sarah J. Ketchum, Reema Amin, Rodrigo Arriaza, Andi Petrini , and 16 more. See full list. Andi Petrini, Natalie Joseph, Howard Manly, Lisa Vernon Sparks, Tamara Dietrich, Mike Holtzclaw, Brian Whitson, Jo-Ann Mahony, Matt Jones, Ron Sidersky, Tara Bozick, Marie Albiges, Jane Hammond, Peter Dujardin, Josh Reyes, Jessica Nolte, Mathew Paust See less.

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