Arc Digital media bias rating is Center.

July 2021 Independent Review: Center Bias Rating 

An independent review by AllSides staff in July 2021 revealed Arc Digital to have a Center bias. 

Arc Digital showed little bias when it came to story choice, covering issues of interest to the left and right

All of Arc Digital’s articles are op-eds. Some authors are very open about their bias, such as calling some progressives “Race-Baiting Propagandists.” However, Arc Digital provides enough diversity of different viewpoints across the political spectrum to have a Center bias.  


About Arc Digital 

Arc Digital is a news media company founded in 2016. It describes itself as a “publication of ideas,” with the core value being a commitment to “intellectual pluralism.”  

Arc Digital publishes opinion pieces on a wide variety of issues from policy to religion to economics. It aims to be “the internet’s best op-ed page.”