While we were writing this, the giant headline on Huffington Post was, “THE KILLER COUPLE: WHAT DROVE THEM?” It linked to a story with the subheading, “‘I have no idea why he would do something like this,’ the brother-in-law of one of the suspects said. ‘I am in shock myself.’” The headline on FoxNews.com was,”COUPLE HELL-BENT ON JIHAD? Husband & wife Muslim gunmen were armed to the teeth for death mission; FBI tracking digital trail for terror link.” One story led with the words “Muslim” and “terror” and one didn’t. The coverage contrast isn’t subtle. It wasn’t subtle yesterday either, with stories tending to lean to one side or the other of the gun control issue. With the facts and fallout from this latest tragedy still unfolding, we bring you some snippets from a few different vantage points.
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Snippets from the Right
The Muslim couple who stormed an office holiday party Wednesday in Southern California, mowing down 14 people before dying hours later in a shootout with police, possessed a massive arsenal of ammo, bombs and high-powered weapons -- and investigators were hoping that computer drives and cell phones seized from their home could tell them whether they were radicalized terrorists with more targets in their sights.
Local and federal authorities - as well as President Obama - continued Thursday to resist calling the carnage at a San Bernardino social services facility terrorism, even as evidence mounted that the pair, who wore tactical gear and moved with grim precision, may have been jihadists armed to the teeth and hellbent on slaughtering innocent Americans. More than 5,000 rounds of ammunition were later found in their home, which sources described as "an IED factory" packed with explosives and bomb-making equipment. 
Snippets from the Left
Something truly fascinating happened when the New York Post changed its headline from “Murder Mission: Shooters Slaughter 14 in Calif” to “Muslim Killers: Terror Eyed as Couple Slaughter 14 in Calif.”
The image stayed exactly the same, but the media messaging had changed, becoming more inflammatory, more ideological (no headline for Robert L. Dear ever bleated, “CHRISTIAN KILLER“), and shamelessly racist. Worse, the updated headline was not so much reflective of new details, as it was confirmation that we’re already bored with the old “mass shooting” story.
In other words, as Jack Mirkinson noted, the New York Post’s decision to change the headline but not the photograph, “only works if you think that worrying about the disturbing frequency of mass shootings isn’t itself worthy of commentary.”
Snippets from the Center
Syed Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, were responsible for the Wednesday morning attack that killed at least 14 people and injured 21, according to San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan. After initial concerns that there could have been a third shooter, police are now confident there were only two.
There's much that remains unclear, including the motives of the shooters and the identities of the victims. But briefings from police reveal an hours-long timeline of events:
Ayloush notes that Farook and Malik were both Muslims and their families said they showed no sign of fanaticism. He emphasizes that the attackers' motives remain unknown.
Neither had a criminal record that police are aware of, Burguan says.