A few days after the Brussels terrorist attacks, claimed by ISIS, killed at least 31 people and injured hundreds of others, opinions across Europe and the US vary on how best to respond and prevent the devastating rise of terror catastrophes in the West. This week we bring you a cross-section of viewpoints in the wake of the Brussels tragedy.
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Snippets from the Left Leaning
The Guardian
“Think like the enemy. Let’s suppose I am an Islamic State terrorist. I don’t do bombs or bullets. I leave the dirty work to the crazies in the basement. My job is what happens next. It is to turn carnage into consequences, body parts into politics. I am a consultant terrorist. I wear a suit, not explosives. A blood-stained concourse is a means to an end. The end is power.
This week I had another success. I converted a squalid psychopathological act into a warrior-evoking, population-terrifying, policy-changing event. I sent a continent into shock. Famous politicians dropped everything to shower me with cliches. Crowned heads deluged me with glorious odium.
I measure my success in column inches and television hours, in ballooning security budgets, butchered liberties, amended laws and – my ultimate goal – Muslims persecuted and recruited to our cause. I deal not in actions but in reactions. I am a manipulator of politics.”
Snippets from the Right
Fox News
“The U.S. ought to pay a lot more attention to Europe's troubles. That's not to say America and Europe face the same security threat. Yes, ISIS now has global reach. But, the face of ISIS looks different in different parts of the globe.
Europe is a hotbed of homegrown extremist communities. It also has established ‘underground railroads’ transporting ISIS fighters to the Middle East and back. European terror cells communicate with each other all the time.
…The reality is that the face of global terrorism is rapidly changing, and there are real questions over whether Washington is keeping up with the threat.
Rather than await the next wake-up call—in the form of a big, smoking hole in the ground—Washington should move quickly to assemble a next-generation 9/11 Commission to reevaluate the threat in a sober, bipartisan manner.”
Snippets from the Center
“It’s time for an holistic overhaul. An end of talk and a time for action. A renewed effort to stop ISIS's free hand on our streets by improving international intelligence-sharing and understand the communities ISIS recruits from.
…One of the most successful ‘deradicalizers,’ the UK, is going broke while the government figures out a comprehensive strategy to stop jihadi wannabes joining ISIS's ranks. And intelligence-sharing across Europe's borders is often discussed but rarely breaks new ground. No one expects the results to be fast, but we the people do expect concrete action from our politicians.”