This week, even in the midst of scandalous Washington dramas, we saw rays of multi-partisan cooperation.

A bipartisan Immigration Reform bill passed in the Senate week. It even involved the unprecedented occurrence of President Obama supportively retweeting Jeb Bush. 

Are there people on each side who are upset with the compromises that got the bill passed? Certainly. See what you think of it all here.

Also, a bipartisan group of US congress members, who have agreed to have monthly meetings to build trust across the aisle, spoke up in the House this week about the need to solve problems and show respect. They are part of a team, formed in 2013, who was introduced in a lively No Labels article by Gov. Jon Huntsman and Sen. Joe Manchin.

A favorite quote from the article: "From our perspective, there is only one way for leaders in Washington to step up: They need an attitude adjustment¦.Everyone needs to recognize that...the letter behind a persons name does not automatically make them stupid or treasonous."