Introducing the AllSides Bias Checker, an AI-powered tool that uses the patented AllSides system to instantly reveal the bias of any news article on demand. 

The pursuit of truth is not possible if we are constantly being manipulated by bias — whether in news media, algorithms, AI, search engines, or the political realm.

This tool puts a spotlight on the spin, slant, and other forms of bias that are used to manipulate us by big media, big tech, and big political interests.

Simply paste any news article link into the AllSides Bias Checker to receive an instant bias rating with an analysis of the article and examples of bias in the piece. 

Watch the demo here.

The AllSides Bias Checker has been carefully calibrated and designed using our in-depth, patented AllSides Media Bias RatingsTM process, which reflects the average judgment of all Americans, not just a panel of insiders or the musings of a biased Al.

The AllSides Bias Checker™ will hit the market in just a few weeks! But investors of $500 or more can log in and try it today. If you're looking to invest in AIISides for the first time, or to increase your allocation, now is a great time. Visit our WeFunder page to join our crowdfund campaign.

We're optimistic that this tool will help everyday news readers, journalists, students, teachers — anyone who wants to see through bias to find the truth by making bias transparent.