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How can I depolarize myself? How can I depolarize others in my network?

I searched across the web for thought leaders who can help answer these questions. The links below are all from early 2021.

Some links are nearly entirely personal, like how to avoid falling into cognitive traps that can lead to polarization.

Other links include suggestions that involve those in your network, though they can require some change and effort at an individual level as well — such as how to have better conversations or how to be friends with political opposites.
Here’s some of the best depolarization media, including articles and podcasts, from early 2021:

How to Avoid Falling into Cognitive Traps that Can Worsen Political Divides

How to Open People’s Minds to Potentially Change

How to Have Better Conversations

How to Be a Better “Bridger”

How to be Friends with Political Opposites

Jackson Lanzer is a high school senior and a young professional member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. He has contributed to and is now writing depolarizing articles. His writing has been referenced in USA Today, and he has won several regional Scholastic Writing Awards. Jackson has a Center bias.

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