His father is white. His mother is black. One is a Republican, one is a Democrat.

John R. Wood, Jr.’s biracial background and bipartisan parents laid the framework for his extensive career working across differences and divides. 

John is one of the preeminent voices in the bridge building movement today. He is the national leader and ambassador for Braver Angels, a national citizens’ movement to bring liberals, conservatives and others together at the grassroots level — not to find centrist compromise, but to find one another as citizens. Braver Angels is a partner organization of AllSides.

John is a former nominee for Congress, the former Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, a musical artist, and a noted writer and a speaker on subjects including racial and political reconciliation. 

As host of both The John Wood, Jr. Show and The Braver Angels Podcast, John sees media as a powerful tool to bridge our political and racial divides. He explains in this clip from The Reunited States' Everyday Hereoes series.

Everyday Heroes profiles civic pioneers across the USA who are creating novel solutions to polarization. It’s a companion series to The Reunited States, an acclaimed feature documentary executive produced by Van Jones and Meghan McCain. The film follows everyday Americans seeking to bridge our political and racial divides. The Reunited States is available on Amazon Prime free, and everywhere on demand.