Thank you to those of you who took our schools program feedback survey (Haven't taken the survey yet? You can still take it!). What did we learn? Well, by far the News page is the most used content in the classroom. But don't forget to check out the Dictionary or Relationships First!


We want to let you know that we appreciate this and all feedback that you give us, but most of all we are just excited that you are part of the AllSides for Schools community. Education, and more importantly educators, are the groundwork of civilisation and embodiment of democracy.



P.S. We are looking for summer advisors. Interested in helping out? Let us know.

"We used [AllSides] to structure an accountable talk lesson. [T]he protocol from Living Room Conversation really helped keep the conversation moving when it would have stalled...Very excited about the site! "

- Angela A, librarian

"After using AllSides as resource, students came to understand the need to both recognize bias as well to understand next steps after recognizing it in sources. Initially, students would cast aside any information found in a "biased" text. However, they began to see the need for contextualization rather than outright dismissal"  

- Brian H, teacher