With the eyes of the world on Syria and the US, many headlines simply update us on what is happening at this moment (e.g., Kerry cites evidence of chemical weapon use in Syria; Obama asks congress to authorize military action).

But we want to know more, and we're guessing you do too. Choices loom that could affect us all.

That's why AllSides has been collecting opinions, background, and context about Syria from across the political spectrum. We present a collection of those stories for you here.


Selection of pro and con arguments

Should the the U.S. strike Syria? These are the five smartest arguments for and against it.

The debate within the United States over whether or not the United States should launch limited, off-shore strikes...

Washington Post (AllSides bias rating: Lean Left)

Supporting military strikes 

Blurred Red Lines: Harry Truman, please call Obama.The Wall Street Journal on President Obama's abdication of Syria leadership in Stockholm.

Wall Street Journal- Opinion (AllSides bias rating: Right)

Obama is mulling the least bad optionAaron David Miller says a limited strike against al-Assads regime is less risky than doing nothing or pushing for regime change.

CNN  (AllSides bias rating: Center)

Arguing for alternatives

From an international war crimes approach to taking out Assad directly, here are voices for a different response. 

What Sir William Would Do in SyriaTHE use of nerve gas in Syria is abhorrent, and those within the Syrian military command who ordered it are war...

New York Times  (AllSides bias rating: Lean Left)

The Least Bad Option in Syria

There are many good reasons not to intervene in Syria. First, contrary to what President Obama has said, the atrocities there present no security threat to...

Reason  (AllSides bias rating: Center)

Congress, think carefully before intervening in SyriaThe U.S. needs to think carefully about what's best for the country.

Washington Post  (AllSides bias rating: Lean Left)

Wickham: Why Obama should not attack Syria

Despite sarin attack, getting U.S. involved in civil war is not in our interests. As horrific as the death count is from the sarin-filled bombs that the...

USA Today  (AllSides bias rating: Lean Left)


UN: Syrian war has uprooted 1 million children

The 1 million children who have fled Syria and the 2 million displaced within the country have been largely unable to get an education or receive help...

Christian Science Monitor  (AllSides bias rating: Center)

For U.S., Syria is truly a problem from hellPeter Bergen says Obama has to decide what to do about a rogue regime that is warring on its people confronting a classic problem that has bedeviled the U.S...

CNN  (AllSides bias rating: Center)

AP News - Then and now: Obama on use of US military mightAs a candidate focused on his own election, Barack Obama championed restraint and global cooperation when faced with security threats.

Town Hall  (AllSides bias rating: Right)

Obama's Syria dilemma: Becoming the president he didn't likeObama finds himself leading a controversial military operation in Syria that has little support after his criticism of the war in Iraq. AllSides note: This journalist writes about historically similar scenarios and explores examples - from Wilson to Johnson - where a president felt compelled to "make decisions that fundamentally contradict what he hoped to stand for."  

CNN (AllSides bias rating: Center)

Broader Context

Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in WestMany Syrian rebels have adopted some of the chillingly ruthless tactics of the government raising the prospect that a military strike could strengthen...

New York Times (AllSides bias rating: Lean Left)

Syria airstrike: Can Obama persuade Congress to share responsibility?

Congress set a red line when it ratified a treaty that banned use of chemical weapons, said President Obama, who argued that any decision to strike Syria should be a shared responsibility....

Christian Science Monitor (AllSides bias rating: Center)

Syria, Iran threaten retaliation; Russia sends warships

Syrian allies Iran and Russia are working together to prevent a Western military attack on Syria, the Iranian president said, as Russia said it is sending...

USA Today (AllSides bias rating: Center)

As U.K. Seeks Consensus for Syria Strike, Iran Threatens IsraelSyria and Iran denounced the U.S. and warned of regional chaos, including retaliation against Israel, should the U.S. launch strikes on Syria.

Wall Street Journal- News (AllSides bias rating: Center) 

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