Same Sex Attraction (SSA)

Also known as same gender attraction. Within the larger national debate over gay rights, individuals who experience sexual attraction for the same gender are typically referred to as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Most individuals who identify with these terms consider their sexual orientation to be an authentic part of who they really are. A subset of people experiencing sexual attraction for the same gender do not see these feelings as representing who they truly are or who they are meant to be- often for religious reasons.  For this reason, they may describe themselves as simply experiencing "same sex attraction" or "same gender attraction."  

Dialogue efforts between the SSA and LGBTQQIAA communities have been challenging, given deep-set historic tensions between the larger worldviews. Examples include the Circling the Wagons Conferences, Oriented to Love Dialogues, SAFE Talks (LOVEboldly), and the Growth and Reconciliation Project.