Electoral Reform

For many on the left, efforts to make voting easier to access is a sensible and crucial part of a fair, just American voting system.  The Left has thus been on a push to making voting easier, with President Obama going so far as to muse that it should be mandatory. 

For many on the right, however, these attempts intentionally aim to expand the democrat-leaning bloc of voters - even in ways that may threaten basic ballot integrity. In turn, they press for voter registration efforts to ensure an accurate vote tally occurs - similarly seen as  calculated to tilt the electorate to the right.  

While both efforts may hold value, there seems to be remarkably little meeting in the middle - with each side portraying the others’ efforts as a misguided power-grab.  From the perspective of someone trying to improve access to the opportunity to vote, for instance, it can be frustrating when the smallest effort to expand voting access is portrayed as a mere political ploy.