This word has taken on a uniquely pejorative connotation in an American political context where yielding to another’s political position is immediately labeled as a sign of weakness (on both sides). Thus efforts to collaborate or dialogue about possible win-win solutions are cast - before they even start - as politically dangerous, at best, and practically impossible at worst.  

From another perspective, compromise is a crucial safeguard and principle of a free democratic public where a diverse people attempts to self-govern.  Without compromise, it becomes difficult to see how a diverse public moves forward together - at least, not without growing violence, aggression and hostility.  

Most Americans seem uncomfortable with no compromise at all.  For most people, there are some things about which compromise can be considered - and other things where they draw the line.  



-Are there times when you see compromise a good thing? What about times when you see it as a bad thing?  What’s the difference between the two?