Big Government

A negative term, used mainly by conservatives to describe government programs in areas where they believe government shouldn't be involved or should have a more limited involvement (e.g., the economy, business and social programs).  For these conservatives, the term refers to the complexity, red tape, and financial drain imposed by government growth, as well as unnecessary interference in private lives and the economy.  

From a liberal perspective, this is an unnecessarily pejorative term targeting a social institution that should be welcomed as supporting the nation’s people and communities and not arbitrarily limited.  

Rather than feel compelled to embrace either big government or big business, some who value open dialogue are raising the question of why not explore problems with both and benefits of both.  From both a libertarian and a socialist perspective, both large government and large business share common problems and often collude in a crony capitalist or corporate capitalist or state capitalist system that benefits both to the detriment of the populace and the economy.  



-Is big government a serious problem or a non-issue to you?  Why or why not?

-Is the push-back and opposition to big government justified or excessive, in your view?

-If you have concern about big government, how does it compare to similar worries expressed about big business?