This word has become one of the most powerful and silencing pejoratives used in modern American society by individuals from all perspectives. Given the complexity of data, statistics, and the wide variety of possible methodologies to explore a question, it’s not uncommon for communities on both sides of a contentious issue to literally “have science” behind their conclusions.

Especially when the evidence on one side is more popular or widely accepted, it has become easy for any side of an issue to launch accusations that the other side is “anti-science” - implying that the other side is somehow dismissive or not interested in either the scientific process or what “good research” actually finds.

Usage of this term can be found on literally every major issue Americans are talking about - and employed by every community - liberals to conservatives, secular to religious and vice versa. 


-What exactly does “anti-science” mean to you?  What do you think it should mean?

-Do you find “anti-science” a helpful or unhelpful term?  Explain why

-Name one situation where you think “anti-science” applies as an appropriate term – and one situation where it does not.