Reporters Complain About Access at Biden-Johnson Meeting

Headline Roundup September 22nd, 2021

On Tuesday, reporters in the White House press pool lodged a complaint to White House press secretary Jen Psaki regarding access at the meeting between President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  After the meeting, American reporters were not recognized for questions, while British reporters were.

Coverage was mostly from right- and center-rated media, with few reports about the complaint coming from left-rated sources. All coverage noted that members of the U.S. media were led out before they could ask any questions.

From the Right
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President Joe Biden declined to call on U.S. reporters Tuesday after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took questions from reporters from the United Kingdom during an Oval Office meeting.

After a brief conversation with Biden that touched on issues ranging from climate change and transport infrastructure to lifting the ban on British beef, Johnson opened the floor for reporters from his home country.

"Would it be okay if we have just a couple of questions, just a couple?" Johnson asked, looking over to Biden, who replied, "Good luck."

After Johnson had taken several...

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From the Center

Members of the White House press pool lodged a complaint with the White House after British reporters but not American reporters were recognized for questions during President Biden’s meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday afternoon.

White House Correspondents' Association President Steve Portnoy, who served as the radio pooler on Tuesday, said that the editorial component of the pool went to White House press secretary Jen Psaki to lodge a formal complaint on Tuesday about the lack of questions granted to American reporters.

Biden and Johnson each delivered brief remarks in the Oval Office. Johnson...

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From the Left

President Joe Biden did not take questions from US reporters during his meeting with UK prime minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday.

Mr Johnson was speaking about the Good Friday Agreement and ensuring nothing the United Kingdom does interrupts the accords with Northern Irelands. Mr Johnson was responding to questions from two British reporters, CBS’s Steven Portnoy reported from inside the Oval Office.

“On that point, Joe, we are completely at one. And I think nobody want to see anything that interrupts or un-balances the Belfast Good Friday,” Mr Johnson was saying before being cut...

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