Post-Election Protests Erupt Across the Country

Headline Roundup November 5th, 2020

Protests broke out in cities across the country on Wednesday, in some cases leading to clashes with police. Demonstrators on both sides called for counting every vote, while some sought to halt vote counting. Some supporters of President Donald Trump did both, chanting “stop the count” in Michigan and “count those votes” in Arizona. The National Guard was called in to Portland, Oregon after local police declared a riot, and New York City police arrested about 50 people in connection to post-election violence.

Right-rated outlets published more coverage on riots and violence; coverage in left-rated outlets tended to describe such incidents as “heated.” Coverage in left-rated outlets also tended to point out Trump supporters’ “opposing goals.” Coverage on all sides paid particular attention to pro-Trump protesters outside a voting center in Phoenix, AZ.

From the Left

Post-election protests were held in numerous cities Wednesday, with several spilling into the night. Most were peaceful but some grew tense and even violent. Dozens of arrests were made.

Demands depended on circumstances, with some demonstrators insisting every vote be counted and others that vote counting be stopped.

As votes were being tallied in the critical battleground state of Arizona Wednesday evening, some members of the extremist group AZ Patriots entered the Maricopa County Recorder's Office in downtown Phoenix, reports the CBS affiliate there, KPHO-TV. They livestreamed as they did....

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From the Center

Supporters of President Trump protested outside an Arizona election center late Wednesday, chanting "count the votes!" as elections officials continued to tabulate ballots in a state that Joe Biden is projected to win.

Why it matters: The Trump campaign was furious that Fox News and AP called Arizona for Biden on Tuesday night with hundreds of thousands of votes still outstanding, as a victory for the Democrat would significantly narrow Trump's possible path to 270 electoral votes.

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From the Right

Emergency services in Portland had to be rerouted and were even temporarily blocked by crowds overnight, as hundreds of demonstrators left a trail of damage downtown following Election Day.

A video by KOIN and retweeted by the Oregon State Police early Thursday showed law enforcement officers holding the line preventing a large crowd from entering an intersection in Portland. An announcement can be heard from a police vehicle telling demonstrators why they must disperse.

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