Biden To Require All Federal Employees To Get Vaccinated Or Undergo Regular Testing

Headline Roundup July 29th, 2021

President Joe Biden announced a series of new protocols on Thursday in an attempt to get more Americans vaccinated and slow down the spread of COVID-19, including a new rule that requires all federal employees to be vaccinated or submit to a series of safety protocols. The president's new rule will apply to about 4 million people who work for the federal government, including contractors employed at federal sites. Similar steps are being taken by local governments and private institutions. Additionally, Biden called on state and local governments to give out $100 prizes to those who go out and get vaccinated.

Left-rated outlets often highlighted how most COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths across the country are linked to unvaccinated people. Right-rated sources were more likely to emphasize how federal employees are not required to get vaccinated and can choose to get tested regularly.

From the Right

President Biden announced Thursday that he will require all federal workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or submit to frequent testing.

Biden laid out a plan incentivizing Americans to take the vaccine, including paid time off to get vaccinated and $100 payments to Americans who get vaccinated, paid for by government. The president also said that federal workers will be forced to take the vaccine or be required to be tested regularly.

"It's time to impose requirements on key groups to make sure they are vaccinated," Biden said. "Every federal government employee...

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From the Left

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced a number of new steps his administration will take to try to get more Americans vaccinated and slow the spread of coronavirus, including requiring that all federal employees must attest to being vaccinated against Covid-19 or face strict protocols.

The new measures come amid a rise in Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths in the US. The vast majority of those individuals with severe cases of Covid-19 are unvaccinated.

"This is an American tragedy. People are dying -- and will die -- who don't have to die. If you're out...

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From the Center

Federal workers and onsite contractors will have to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or wear masks, practice social distancing and submit to regular testing under sweeping new guidelines the White House announced on Thursday.

The measures are U.S. President Joe Biden's latest effort to spur some reluctant Americans to get vaccinated as the Delta variant of the coronavirus ravages the unvaccinated in particular.

Government employees who do not show they have been vaccinated will be subject to weekly or twice-weekly COVID-19 tests and restrictions on official travel.

"The administration...

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