Headline RoundupSeptember 24th, 2022

What Will Republicans Do If They Gain Control of Congress?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Forecasts and analyses of the possible results of midterm election season in November have grown increasingly speculative in past months, as races once thought to be certain have shifted to fair fights. Since the summer offered Democratic leaders plenty of ammunition to campaign on and a series of legislative wins to point to, the narrative has shifted away from ‘what will Republicans do when they gain control of Congress’ and more towards ‘what will Republicans do if they gain control of Congress.’

Regardless of framing, outlets are predicting what a Republican-controlled House of Representatives would entail. Following House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s unveiling of the “Commitment to America” agenda on Friday, voters were given an outline of the policy framework of a potential Republican majority.

An analysis from the Washington Examiner (Lean Right bias) determined the commitment includes a repeal of the IRS expansion Democrats initiated in the Inflation Reduction Act, loosening permit restrictions to boost domestic energy production, increased police recruitment efforts, and a promise to create Congressional committees to investigate various aspects of the Biden Administration.

Opponents on the left, however, have speculated in recent days of more radical policy overhauls that Republicans could work towards if they gain the majority. An opinion columnist for MSNBC (Left bias) drew upon remarks from the libertarian wing of the GOP to predict that a Republican majority could work to dismantle government programs such as Medicare and Social Security. 

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