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AllSides’ lesson plans guide teachers of sixth to twelfth graders and college professors on how to use AllSides services to foster 21st Century Skills in the next generation, fulling many state and national education requirements and preparing students for their future lives as individuals and contributing members of society.

Activities & Tasks


  • Students will:
    1. Learn how to respectfully engage with others

    2. Build skills to recognize that society’s concerns are their concerns

    3. Listen actively: Act responsibly

    4. Develop conversation skills

    5. Build the skills for civil conversation, productive collaboration and critical thought through moderated discussions of national and local civic issues, including those raised in elections

  • Teachers get:
    1. To prepare students with skills they need for civic participation as future voters and participants in our overall society

    2. The ability to discuss even controversial topics, especially but not only political issues, in a verifiably non-biased way safe from criticism of bias

    3. Build relationships both with and among students through analysis of contemporary ideas

    4. A measured approach to discussing controversial topics in the classroom

    5. Develop skills to use unbiased research tools with students 

      Assessments and lesson plans that address educational requirements for critical thinking, collaboration and argumentative writing

Formative Criteria for Success

Steps to check for student understanding

  • Success for students will be shown by:
    1. Ability to find and talk about news from multiple perspectives on a given day

    2. Present different solutions to a single problem/issue

    3. Present pros and cons for a simple single solution

    4. Respectfully have (Start and hold) a civil dialog with a person who has a different opinion on a specific topic

    5. Establish relationships between historical problems and solutions and contemporary opportunities

    6. Collaborate to offer a joint recommended solution to a problem

    7. Recognize that some problems have no easy solutions