New York Times Editorial Board media bias rating is Left.

The New York Times Editorial Board has a Left media bias.

Important Note: This author page refers to the New York Times Editorial Board only. Our media bias rating for the New York Times news pages is Lean Left, and our media bias rating for The New York Times Opinion page overall (which includes various op-ed writers and the Editorial Board) is Left.

About The New York Times Editorial Board Media Bias

In Sept. 2018, the AllSides team conducted an extensive editorial review of the New York Times Editorial Board (distinct from the news pages). We found the New York Times Editorial Board to be consistently Left. The team could not find even one example of an editorial piece with a Center or Right perspective. Every headline was Left in position, headline, and choice of topic. 

Running pieces that declare such perspectives as, "Republicans seem determined to brand themselves the party of sexual harassment and abuse," the New York Times Editorial Board never writes favorably or sympathetically about the Republican Party, its members and ideas. We found The New York Times Editorial Board engages in some sensationalism around issues, contributing to its Far Left stance.
It's important to note that editorials from any news publication take a specific side on issues the board deems important. The New York Times Editorial Board consistently displays a Far Left stance on policies and issues of the day. 

More About The New York Times

The New York Times was founded in 1851 by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones and has been published continuously ever since. The newspaper is ranked 2nd in circulation in the U.S. and 17th in the world. The paper has won 125 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization. The Sunday New York Times has an average print circulation of over 1.1 million papers.

The AllSides Media Bias Rating reflects the average judgment of the American people.

The AllSides Media Bias RatingTM reflects the average judgment of the American people. We don't use a convoluted mathematical or artificial intelligence model, but instead have regular people representing the broad spectrum of Americans blindly rate the bias of articles. That produces a fair, verifiable bias rating.

This media bias rating was determined using the following levels of bias verification.

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