Perspectives: Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021 was unique, happening alongside global supply chain disruptions, a prolonged global shortage of microchips, worldwide high inflation, the discovery of the new “omicron” coronavirus variant, and the year’s steepest daily drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Additionally, previously high oil prices started dropping this week, thanks in part to several countries’ release of strategic oil reserves. 

Right-rated outlets were somewhat less likely than left- and center-rated outlets to publish opinion articles about Black Friday. While some articles on both sides provided shopping advice, others criticized Black Friday for representing “consumerism.”

Police Say Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack Was Intentional

A police officer who witnessed the Wisconsin Christmas parade attack Sunday evening believes suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. carried out an "intentional act to strike and hurt as many people as possible," according to a criminal complaint filed in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

Brooks, who's being charged with five counts of intentional homicide, drove his red Ford Escape SUV into a crowd of people and injured a total of 62 people. The officer reported that he observed the vehicle driving in a zig-zag-like pattern and then saw "bodies and objects were flying from the area of the vehicle." Legal experts are estimating that Brooks could face a lifetime prison sentence if the court can prove the intentional homicide charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

Right-rated outlets were more likely to label the incident at the Waukesha Christmas parade as an "attack" from the start, while left-and-center rated outlets initially used the terms "tragedy" and "accident" until more details were revealed. Some right-rated voices framed the incident as an example of a Black BLM supporter carrying out an attack on white people in response to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial results, alluding to the possibility of a "revolution" in Wisconsin. Left-and-center rated outlets were more likely to include a statement from Brooks' attorneys that said "it’s essential that we not rush to judgment."