Decades later, I still remember my favorite children's books vividly. They strengthened my moral compass, expanded my imagination, helped me to develop critical thinking skills, and lent familiarity to real-world situations and problems that I otherwise might have struggled to navigate. Children's books offer some of our very first introductions to the dilemmas (and delights!) we will face in life. They help us to reflect on right and wrong and to experience something inside our minds before it happens to us for real.

A very obvious real-world problem Americans are facing today is political polarization. A new children's book, Two Tribes, not only illustrates the dangers of polarization to children, but shows that solutions and compromises are possible. Donate to the Two Tribes Kickstarter campaign to ensure it gets into print.

As people increasingly feel animosity and even hatred toward "the Other Side," it's long past time to equip young people with an awareness of the dangers of political polarization as well as a moral compass that points them toward understanding, compromise, and peaceful coexistence.

Two Tribes is the perfect allegory for tribalism and political polarization in America today. It tells the story of two groups, one left and one right-leaning, who must overcome their differences in order to save their shared home. It uses rhymes, beautiful illustrations, and a timely metaphor that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Two Tribes author Tyler Storlie needs your help to ensure his powerful tale can spread. While his Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of the first print run has already earned $3,000 pledges, he needs help meeting his $7,500 goal.

Donate to the Two Tribes Kickstarter campaign here. Just $7 — less than the price of a burrito — will you get a copy of the ebook, and the rewards increase from there.

Children's books demand that kids think and encourage them to try on the world inside their minds before they go out in it. I have to wonder how polarized our politics would be today if Two Tribes had been available decades ago.

Julie Mastrine is the Director of Marketing at AllSides. She has a Center bias.