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News outlets across the spectrum have sometimes published contradictory narratives amid the COVID-19 pandemic, especially regarding political polarization and personal freedoms.

Left and Center Media: COVID-19 Concerns About Trump Rallies, Not Floyd Protests

Many prominent left- and center-rated news sources have been inconsistent in their coverage of public health and protesting amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

For instance, some left-rated sources published headlines dismissing concerns about coronavirus outbreaks among George Floyd protesters — but then published stories that elevated COVID-19 concerns about Trump rallies and the Capitol riot.


Right Media: Inconsistent Messaging on Public Safety, Vaccines

Over the past year, right-rated outlets have also displayed inconsistency in their framing of narratives, such as vaccine development and public health at protests and political rallies.

For example, some right-rated news outlets were critical of left-rated sources for purportedly fearmongering about coronavirus at Trump rallies — but those same right-rated outlets also published headlines about COVID-19 concerns among George Floyd protesters.


Right-rated outlets bias

Remember that all journalists have some level of personal bias, and it'll inevitably shine through in their work. That's why comparing reports and perspectives from all sides of the media is key to understanding the issues that matter.

Henry A. Brechter is the managing editor of AllSides. He has a Center bias.