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Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, relies on fact checking partners to help them flag misinformation. Here is their list of fact checking partners in the United States and their AllSides Media Bias RatingsTM

All of their partners have a Left, Lean Left, or Center AllSides Media Bias RatingTM

Lacking fact-checkers on the right can lead to blindspots in what stories are flagged as misinformation. 

It is important to note however, that few fact checkers on the right exist. According to AllSides Fact Check Bias ChartTM, only six fact checkers are on the right, while 12 are rated left. Fact checkers on the right also tend to post fact checks more infrequently than those on the left and in the center. 

Although consistent fact checkers from the right are more difficult to find, it is important to include them for a balanced view of misinformation on social media. 

Meta has been accused of censoring conservatives and colluding with the Biden administration in censorship efforts. By including fact checkers on the right, Meta could demonstrate its commitment to balanced and even handed moderation practices. 

Written by Clare Ashcraft, Bridging & Bias Specialist (Center Bias)

Reviewed by Bias Research Manager & Data Journalist Andrew Weinzierl (Lean Left bias) and News & Bias Assistant Johnathon Held (Lean Right bias).