After reviewing the bias of numerous media outlets, the latest version of the AllSides Media Bias Chart™ features just one change — CNN has moved from Left to Lean Left. Recall that in Version 7.2 of the chart, we moved Axios from Center to Lean Left.

Our Feb. 2023 Blind Bias Survey of 1,125 people across the political spectrum, who rated news content blindly, prompted further reviews of numerous outlets. Here are the results:

Here’s the full update on Version 8 of the AllSides Media Bias Chart™:

  • In the survey, CNN was rated Center by people across the political spectrum. This differed from our previous rating of Left, so AllSides conducted two Editorial Reviews, each taken on by a panel of 6 people on the left, center, and right. While reviewers on the right argued CNN is Left, the average of responses put CNN at Lean Left. This process resulted in an overall ratings change for CNN. AllSides moved CNN's rating from Left (-3.8 on the AllSides Media Bias Meter™) to Lean Left (-2.0). (Remember: we rate content on only, not cable news content).

    The content presented to respondents from CNN in the survey had a strong emphasis on Biden’s classified documents, as this was what CNN was focusing on during the days the content was pulled; this may have skewed results as it was an outlier story and given CNN a more Center appearance. Additionally, CNN underwent a leadership change recently, which prompted a closer look at this outlet. We plan to keep an eye on CNN as editorial practices and bias indicators may change.
  • Fox News' bias rating was confirmed as Right in the Feb. 2023 survey, though it's close to Lean Right. (Remember: we don’t rate cable news content).
  • OAN was rated Lean Right in the survey. This differed from our OAN rating of Right. After conducting a Small Group Editorial Review, during which three left, center, and right reviewers rated OAN as Right on average, AllSides opted to keep OAN's rating as Right.
  • CNBC was rated Lean Left in the survey. This differed from AllSides' existing rating of Center. In a Small Group Editorial Review, reviewers rated CNBC as Center on average, so we opted to keep CNBC's rating as Center. However, we are keeping a close eye on this outlet as it does display frequent Lean Left bias; its AllSides Media Bias Meter™ rating is -0.9, which is very close to our Lean Left category (-1.0).
  • Our RealClearPolitics media bias rating of Center was strengthened by a recent AllSides bias analysis that found the outlet's news curation is very balanced.

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