One thing all sides seem to agree on: last night's debate between VP candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan was one of the liveliest we've seen in a while.

But from there the agreements in opinion start to break down.

We picked three very different opinions on the VP debate that we highlighted on the AllSides News page. As we did for the presidential debate, we also list 15 top headlines from news media across the bias spectrum, and this time we include a range of fact check articles as well.

From the Right

Washington Times: Biden muffs Obama’s tax plans during debate

Fox News: Biden accused of being disrespectful in vice presidential debate with grins, laughs

Newsmax: Grinning Biden Fails to Throw Ryan Off Course

Townhall: Biden Interrupted Ryan 82 Times During VP Debate

Washington Times: FACT CHECK: Slips on Libya, Syria, auto bailout in vice presidential debate

From the Left

New York Times: VP Debate Interactive Fact Check and Replay

Politico: Vice presidential debate fact check

Huffington Post: Biden Performance Gives Obama Bump In Prediction Markets

Huffington Post: Grit Won 

New York Times: A Debate With Clarity and Fervor

From the Center Veep Debate Violations: Ryan, Biden rough up the facts in their one and only meeting

ABC: Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate? Depends Who You Ask

NPR: 5 Debate Takeaways

CNN: Sports bar Biden vs. seminar Ryan

NPR: Biden, Ryan Bent The Truth At Times, Fact Checkers Say