The most important tool we have as Americans is our right to vote. Here are some tools and information about registering. If you are a teacher and are interested in getting your students registered, the appropriate organizations have been highlighted here.

For Classrooms

  • Inspire U.S.
    • Inspire U.S. is a non-partisan, non-profit focused on registering High School Juniors and Seniors to vote. They work with schools to train student ambassadors who help to engage their peers. Inspire U.S. is a partner of AllSides for Schools.
  • Rock the Vote
    • Rock the Vote has worked with young people, mainly college and post-college age, to get them excited and engaged in their right to vote for over 25 years.

For Individuals

    • is the official website from the federal government to register to vote. Information about Voter ID and the election process be also be found here.


  • AllSides News
    • Read the latest news from all perspectives to get the best views on propositions.
  • AllSides Search
    • Search for the topics and candidates from all perspectives.
  • To Vote or Not to Vote? Conversation Guide
    • One of the most popular conversation guides on Living Room Conversations' website. Explore why you should vote and learn more about voter engagement.
  • Issue Voter
    • Issue Voter allows you to follow the complete status of bills you care about and contact your representatives accordingly. If you're in high school and want to utilize this tool in the classroom we recommend you create an account.
  • Ballot Ready
    • Sign up with Ballot Ready to be provided with an explanation of every candidate and referendum from your local ballot. Every candidate profile includes a biography, candidate stances and endorsements.
  • TurboVote
    • Turbo Vote sends you election reminders and any documents related to absentee voting.