Capital Punishment/Death Penalty

Although the death penalty is something painful for anyone of any perspective, the relative justifications of the practice vary widely across the political spectrum.

For some, the notion of capital punishment is an outdated and barbaric practice that shouldn’t be allowed in the modern day. These people point to instances of judicial error that led to people placed on death row that shouldn’t be there, as well as botched executions, as further illustration of the problems of this approach to punishment.  

Others see capital punishment as a necessary consequence for especially heinous crimes - and an appropriate way for society to respond to some barbaric acts. These sometimes point to scripture as justification for the practice as being biblical.   

While no one is advocating for the poor or overuse of the death penalty, the question is whether any human being should ever be subject to this punishment.  A growing chorus of Americans insist that taking someone’s life is never appropriate - while others believe it may be under exceptional circumstances.   



-Do you believe it is ever appropriate for society to apply a penalty or punishment of death?  If so, when?

-If you don’t see there ever being an appropriate scenario for the application of the death penalty, explain why not?